Developing an Effective Sales Strategy

Why Do We Need a Sales Strategy?

Your business plan concentrates your efforts on what you want to accomplish; it keeps you on track; provides visibility of progress; translates your ideas and intentions into clear actions and in committing to deadlines, compels you to take action.

Your marketing plan is an expression of who you are targeting; your offering, messages and how you will communicate these to generate opportunities.

A sales plan is a plan of how to sell your services or products to the right customers at the right price and in the right quantity. Having a plan increases your chances of sales success and helps gain a better return for your efforts.

What is an Effective Sales Strategy?

In developing your sales plan there are a number of vital aspects to consider.

What do people buy?  Work out what it is that your customers are actually buying from you.

Know Your Customers. Who are your customers? What are their issues and needs?

Know Your Business. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Know Your Competitors. What are their strengths & weaknesses?

Select Your Channels. How will you sell to the market place?

Set and Review your Targets. Know what you must achieve.

Build Your Resources. Have the tools you need to sell.

Sell Effectively. Sell what is best for your customer.

Know your Buyer. At what stage of the buying cycle is your prospect?

Measure and Improve. Know your results and take action.



The central aspect of the sales plan is you, the business owner:  your conviction and authenticity. The first sale to make is to yourself.

You merit the money you are asking.

You can do this.


Need some help? Next Wednesday 13th February I invite you to join me at an Effective Sales Strategy Workshop with  Merton Chamber of Commerce.

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