Are you Unsubscribing from Sales?

Over time we find our inboxes crammed with emails and e-newsletters. In an attempt to gain some control over our life we often unsubscribe from as many as we can and give a huge sigh of relief as our emails thin out.

A word of caution here: are you unsubscribing from potential customers or referrals? The receipt of an e-newsletter is a good opportunity to start a conversation with a potential customer or contact.

Here are a couple of instances from my own experience.

Respond Positively and Progress Opportunities

Just recently I was looking for quotations to have my house carpets cleaned.

At local networking events I meet business owners and I knew I had a local carpet cleaning company on my mailing list. The owner came to my house and gave me a quote. That was a while ago. Now, assuming he did call me to follow-up but was unable to make contact, he probably assumed I was not interested rather than simply tremendously busy.

I noticed recently that he had unsubscribed from my mailing list. Fair enough. But what if he had used that as an opportunity to re-establish contact with me? A positive response to my latest email (yes, for the record flattery does work with me) and a gentle reminder of the quote he sent would have prompted me.

I still have carpets that need attention.

I suggest that just before you press that unsubscribe button you double check whether you are unsubscribing from the opportunity to start a conversation. We are thrilled when we receive positive feedback on our communications and it is a great opportunity to establish contact with potential customers.

Make Contact with Others Who Refer

We can also inadvertently lose opportunities through unsubscribing from those who can refer us.

The business owners I meet are often extremely busy and longing to outsource their admin or book-keeping. What if that local office assistant / book-keeper had made contact with me recently rather than simply unsubscribing from my mailing list? Who knows how many referrals I could have put her way?

Start a Conversation

When that email drops in your inbox and you are tempted to unsubscribe, do so if it is not relevant, but do consider whether it is an opportunity to start a conversation with a potential customer or a good connection. After all, they contacted you first.

Have a look at my Developing Your Sales Strategy guide for help with increasing your chance of sales success.

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