Daunting To-Do List? Focus on Key Progress

If you are struggling to get through your to-do list each day only to find that the important projects needed to really develop your business are not implemented, then I suggest focusing on Key Progress Plans.

What is Key Progress Planning?

Key progress planning is simply determining what you need to do, by when, to achieve your objectives and being clear about how this will contribute to your success. (This is easier if you have determined your vision, purpose, objectives and strategies first.)

The implementation of each key progress plan should be meaningful enough to significantly contribute to the success of your business.

How to Determine Key Progress Plans

One of the best ways to determine whether an action plan will contribute to the success of your business is to ensure it is directly derived from your objectives and strategies. Each action plan should identify the task, deadline and responsibility.

How to Successfully Implement Key Progress Plans

  • Brainstorm actions that will contribute sizeably to the development of your business
  • Identify your top five actions (or a single key one may be sufficient)
  • Check that each action contributes to an objective
  • Determine the return/positive effect implementing the action will have
  • Decide how you will measure the result
  • Estimate the cost, and the impact on your cash flow
  • Set a realistic but challenging deadline
  • State who is responsible (even if it is you)
  • Establish your next steps
  • Complete your actions on time, to budget, to the highest standard possible
  • Monitor and measure the results
  • Take corrective action to stay on track

Here is an example of a Key Progress Plan

Action: Communicate latest campaign to database via direct mail & telemarketing

Objective – increase sales from £X to £Y by Dec 2013

Positive Impact – gain appointments, win sales

Measurement – number of appointments, value of sales won

Budget – £… for direct mail, £… for telemarketing

Cash flow – £… expenditure in April, May, June

Deadline – Database to be contacted by end of June 2013

Responsibility – Business Owner

Next steps:

  1. Prepare database
  2. Produce direct mail
  3. Organise telemarketing

Summary: Complete campaign via direct mail / telemarketing by 30th June

Download my Progress Planning Worksheet to help you plan and execute those actions which will really make a difference to your business.

This will also help you focus on the next 90 days and implement those actions that will really progress your business.

If you would like to talk over your vision and plans for developing your successful business apply here for your free Business Growth Audit & Success Roadmap.


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