Here is a Method Helping Customers Write You Better Testimonials – The Feline Way

If you want to receive testimonials from you customers that resonate with your prospects then try suggesting the Feline Approach – C.A.T. (It will also help you write effective testimonials for others.)

Learn about getting better customer testimonials using the C.A.T. Approach

Why Customers Who Love You Still Have Trouble Writing Testimonials

One of the common barriers to a customer writing an excellent testimonial for you is not that they don’t want to, in fact they love you, it is simply that they are unsure what to write.

Giving your customer a simple structure helps them to organise their thoughts and quickly produce an effective testimonial without the idea that it takes up too much time.

Once they get going though, highly satisfied customers often write much more than they originally intended.

The C.A.T. Approach to Testimonial Writing – Fast and Effective

Here is a straightforward three step approach:

Choose – Why did your customer choose you? What was their issue or need and why did they choose you over others? What did they like the most? Why were you the best fit?

Action – What action was taken? What did you do that was so amazing? What change did you make? What did you add of value?

Tangible – What tangible result did you achieve? Ask your customer to be specific.

Rather than a general

“ABC Limited is professional in their approach”

Ask your customer to be precise and give a little detail.

“ABC Limited arrived on time, took the time to understand my exact requirements and their expert advice resulted in …. “

Promote your Customer Testimonial

Encourage your customer to give their name, company and website address so you can offer to promote them on your website and other communications.

Show your appreciation for your customer and write testimonials for others.

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