Is Denial your Money Management Strategy?

Pinkvox is issuing a challenge to women and men alike: it’s time to move on from denial as a money management strategy; it’s time to take control.

Money Talks! What Does It Say about You.

September 25, 6pm to 8pm at London School of Economics

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Pinkvox, a group of women professionals, business owners and freelancers, has developed a unique way to encourage women’s participation in economic growth through the inclusive collaboration of women and men.

Pinkvox founder Sangha Chakravarty said “Women (and men) often use denial as a way of coping with financial issues only facing up to reality when pushed, but that’s no longer enough.  We know it’s tough out there and we want to help women change the way they think about money.

We have developed a focus on helping each other. Pinkvox is not just a talking shop it’s a whole new way of connecting and collaborating.  And it works.  Our goal is to covert ideas into reality, to help women, with the inclusion of men, utilise their talents and skills to propel economic progress.”

Pinkvox’s next event on September 25th: ‘Money Talks! What does it say about you?’ will reveal the secret of your money personality, show you how to make your money work for you and encourage you to share knowledge and insight, all in a sociable, fun environment.

To book your place visit the Pinkvox website, would love to see you there.

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