To blog, or not to blog: that is the question! How to write a good blog article.

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How to write a good blog article Aspiring to be a wordsmith of Shakespeare’s calibre is perhaps a stretch of the imagination too far! However, borrowing the extraordinarily famous phrase from Hamlet does entice readers to find out more. This is exactly what you are trying to achieve when writing blog articles for your website. […]


3 easy steps to a successful LinkedIn profile

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LinkedIn is ‘the’ professional social media network. Launched in 2003 growing to now having over 100 million active users and being listed in the top 20 most popular websites. LinkedIn is only used in the professional context, not for embarrassing pictures or competitive parenting which are the bread and butter of some other social media channels. If […]

writing your enewsletter

Writing your enewsletter a step by step process

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Struggling to get your enewsletter out? Here’s a quick guide to writing your enewsletter, a step-by-step process. What tool? In the vast majority of cases, use Mail Chimp when writing your enewsletter. It is the ‘market leader’ and unless there is a good reason not to use it (you are already using something else), then […]

Low cost marketing ideas

3 Essential Free Ideas for Low Cost Marketing

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Running a small business is, let’s face it, incredibly hard. Between your supply chain, staff, customers and bank manager, keeping all the plates spinning can be tough. Ultimately though, everything comes down to your cash flow and improving that means effective low cost marketing. The only trouble is the sheer expense of most traditional marketing […]

Webinar success with Sue & Pia

Stunning example of collaboration and webinar success

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Working with other people, collaborating or partnering on projects can multiply your business opportunities. Especially when you can find ways to reach out together to your community. Here is an excellent example of how one of my clients partnered with another successful entrepreneur to run an on-line workshop and co-promotion. Its a stunning example of […]