Christine Southern Marketing Accomplish

About Christine

Christine has been in business for over 20 years as a project manager, business adviser and marketeer.

In this time she has made an appreciable difference to the sales and profitability of small businesses.

Plus, she has provided practical, hands-on support to business owners. And re-kindled inspiration for their business success.

She has worked hands-on in small businesses in sales and marketing. As a result Christine is keen to pass on her business development knowledge and skills through training and advice.

She has a unique combination of skills, knowledge and experience. Much of which she has developed through the ups (and inevitable downs) of her professional life. Christine is always ready to learn new ways of being effective.

For the past fifteen years she has worked with owners of small businesses in the service and professional sectors. Her aim is to make their business more profitable and successful.

Business owners know they need to market their businesses effectively. Few are able to accomplish this without help to make it happen in a systematic and successful way.

Christine delights in making a difference to the businesses and lives of her clients.

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